Hey there! I'm Ashley


I am so excited you are here because it means that you are looking for ways to get from where you are to where you want to be which is living the life of your dreams! So let me tell you a little about my story and how I can help you... 

Hey there! I'm Ashley

I'm super excited you're here and appreciate you taking the time to hear a little bit about my story and perhaps how I can help you...

I'm kind of obsessed with personal growth, mindset, fitness, & entrepreneurship...but mostly mindset. 

 When I was younger (my early 20's), I didn't know anything about the power of my mind...

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve faced your share of ups & downs.

Believe it or not, when I was in my 20s, I’d hit a real down point – one which caused me – for the first time ever – to seriously question my belief that I could one day achieve true happiness and success.

I’d gotten divorced. Lost my house and friends. Was running out of money...And couldn't find a job even working at a local Olive Garden even though I had a 4 year degree. And was struggling with severe anxiety.

BUT...there was a silver lining to all this…


Because I couldn't find a job, friends, and had no family...there was nothing for me to do. So I started learning about fitness and working out...It led me to discover the gym – which quickly became my daily form of therapy. A workout routine didn’t just strengthen my muscles; it empowered me with a previously unknown self-confidence mentally.

And I became obsessed. Obsessed with understanding the body physically, mentally, emotionally, and nutritionally.

From that point on, I knew with discipline and consistency…

I COULD DO ANYTHING. Now, the only question was... what did I want to accomplish???

So I began defining and writing down my physical and personal goals and dreams, and then integrated a combination of meditation & mindset techniques into my life to change my mental programming and re-write my story.

You know what happened next?

Well, not only did my workouts rocket to a new level, I experienced growing success with my personal relationships and business endeavors! 

And then it hit me…I would take my passion for fitness (both body & mind) and use it to help others. Which is why in 2009 I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and started my own personal training business. And over the next 10 years I absolutely loved transforming people's lives through health & fitness!

Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed countless life-altering transformations as a result of my method to approach the mind and body as a whole; ranging from increased strength, well-being and self-confidence to people who’ve successfully lost 200 pounds.

 I have made it my life purpose to help others feel confident, strong and empowered throughout their fitness journey, all while actually enhancing and improving their quality of life.

But here's how this connects to YOU... fitness is only one of my passions…the others are food and mindset.

And during this time as a personal trainer, I noticed that the foods people were eating to lose weight and get in shape was full of chemicals, toxins, and artificial ingredients that were actually throwing their body more out of balance instead of helping it stay in balance. 

I knew there had to be a better way, which led me to the creation of…

ABS Protein Pancakes

I had meditated and visualized that I wanted to make $100,000 within 1 year in a way that could help people with their nutrition and wellness while allowing me to work from anywhere....

One morning I had the idea of taking my very own recipe for a high protein, low carb stack of pancakes and turning it into an actual business...

So when I started thinking how I could help solve the problem so many face when trying to stick to a healthy diet, I realized the answer was simple…just collect the world’s finest, healthiest ingredients from the best sources and create my own line of natural products in a way that people could enjoy it every day while sticking to their nutrition goals and feeling good about what they were putting into their body.

Which is EXACTLY what I did!

And that was the beginning of that ABS brand starting with the ABS Protein Pancakes.

I took my recipe...my idea...and built it out into an entire product line all online.

Shark Tank and beyond… 

Now, after I created ABS I decided I wanted to get as much exposure as possible to help as many people as possible find a natural solution to their health and nutrition, so I did the most obvious thing I could think of…I ventured onto Shark Tank! 

Yeah, me and a bunch of cutthroat mega-millionaire entrepreneurs, funny right? 

But I’ll tell you what…I landed a deal which not only got a shark in my corner, but also allowed me to get featured in places like HSN, Oxygen Magazine, Zulily, Eat This Not That and Forbes 

And things snowballed from there. 

My journey started as a personal trainer to revolutionizing healthy eating – not a bad accomplishment!

But there was one more piece to my passionate puzzle…and the reason I am sharing all of this with you....

This isn't about me trying to show you everything I've done...

This is about the fact that I NEVER could have done any of this without learning and using the power of my mind


Mindset is one of my biggest passions because it is the key that has helped me not just accomplish the things I've done in my career, but it's also what has helped me overcome anxiety and low self-esteem, get through huge life changes like divorce, career shifts, family changes, moving, etc., it's helped me stay focused and disciplined on my mission knowing that with the right mindset you can be anything you want to be.

Which brings me to our present day – and my mission for creating this platform…

I want to help you experience the very best YOU in life...

I am passionate about helping YOU tap into the power of your mind, understand the way your beliefs and mindset create your life, then help you tap into your unlimited potential to have the life of your dreams! 

Over the years (and since building the ABS brand), I have worked with countless men and women helping them transform their business, take an idea and turn it into a successful online brand, lose weight, transform their body, reverse their health, overcome their personal limitations, relieve anxiety, experience deeper relationships, increase their income and break through their own glass ceilings...

and that is what I am here to help you with too.

If you want to create the life of your dreams, I have years of coaching packed into my podcast, my classes and events that I am ready to share with you!

Ashley Drummonds


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